September 2007

Richard Preziosi has set up two prizes, one for first year and one for second year Zoology students.

The Charles Gordon Hewitt Prize will be awarded to a First Year Zoologist, based on their 1st semester Practical marks. The prize will be worth the cost of the Millport Marine Biology field course – in other words, you’ll go free.

The John Leigh Philips Prize will be awarded to a Second Year Zoologist, based on their 3rd semester LSM marks. It is worth the cost of whichever of the foreign field courses you go on – in other words you’ll go free. If you’re going to Ecuador, that’s a sizeable chunk of money. So – work hard at those practicals!

And as to where those names come from:

Hewitt (1885-1920) was one of my predecessors 100 years ago, and knew a thing or two about maggots. Philips (1761-1814) helped lay the basis for the Manchester Museum.



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2 responses to “ZOOLOGY PRIZES!

  1. Olivia Spencer

    Really? They’re not listed on the intranet – I’ve checked for scholarships and prizes a few times hopefully. This post is the first thing I ever heard about them…do these prizes still exist and are they still awarded on the same basis?

  2. Matthew Cobb

    The prizes aren’t official, Faculty prizes. They’re funded by Richard Preziosi. I’ll check with him that they’re being awarded this year.

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