Several people correctly spotted that the odd looking beast from last week was a lobster larva… This week’s is a bit trickier. What is the fly-like animal in this picture, and what is it doing? Please post your answers below!



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6 responses to “NAME THAT ANIMAL!

  1. Sophie Burgess

    Is it a parasitic wasp, on a butterfly, laying eggs?

  2. Matthew Cobb

    Ooh. Close. One part of your answer is wrong.

  3. Ben Saer

    Looks like a parasitic wasp (probably Metaphycus sp) stinging another wasp’s eggs or laying eggs?

  4. David Green

    If my memory serves me correctly that is metaphycus alberti stinging a coccus hesperidium?

  5. Matthew Cobb

    Care to translate that for the rest of us? And do you mean “stinging”?

  6. Matthew Cobb

    David’s more or less right – Metaphycus alberti is the parasitic wasp, and it’s laying an egg in a scale insect, Coccus hesperidium. You can see other scale insects in the background. You can buy M. alberti to keep down attacks of scale insects on your plants…

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