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4 responses to “NAME THAT ANIMAL!

  1. Alex West

    Tricky one before Christmas … dont think its a fish, maybe some type of nudibranch?

  2. Alex West

    … after a little more internet exploration – I’d wager this animal to be Glaucus atlanticus, an apparently quite interesting species of nudibranch. It feeds almost exclusively on the notoriously venomous Portuguese Man o’ War and can even adopt their stinging nematocysts, storing them in specialised structures called cnidosacs where they are recycled for use in their own defence.

    • Liv Spencer

      I’d definitely wager a nudibranch, with a really surprisingly cute baby nudibranch next to it?

  3. samantha wittell

    Glaucus atlanticus. Most definitely i am doing a report on this very interesting creature(witch is known as the blue ocean slug)

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