This alarming photo shows a rainbow trout fingerling peering from the mouth of a northern pike as it is about to be eaten. The unsettling scene was captured in January 2001 at an aquarium in Anchorage, Alaska, by Jim Lavrakas.



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  1. guynoir

    Uh, bullshiat. I saw this photo years ago. It’s a photoshop. Fish swallow other fish head-on, as they have these structures called fins, which don’t fold up against the body otherwise.

  2. Heather

    Bullshiat to your bullshiat. Fish eat other fish regardless of body orientation. Little fish tries to swim off, big fish says “oh nay nay” and sucks him in.

  3. Mega

    Fark ya both, they only eat them in a perpendicularly haphazard manner with a half-twist of lime! I see NO lime!

  4. Rifle

    LOL WUT?

  5. DStrope

    that is a real photo, won an award a few years back

  6. DStrope

    that is a real photo, it won an award a few years ago!!!!

  7. Buck Futter

    you’re all wrong. the little one is a Dax and it is a symbiant inhabiting the larger Pike. It retains all the memory of previous pikes and the new host will be known as Pike Dax.

  8. tim smith


  9. Qui-Gon Jinn

    There’s always a bigger fish.

  10. coldwater71

    My saltwater lion fish used to eat baby goldfish and they would be in his mouth the same way. They’d sit there a while until the really gross part where my lion fish would commence to grinding it up and if you pressed your ear to the aquarium, you could hear it. The photo is real.

  11. OneTimed

    The small fish is the big fish’s baby. This photo is real.

  12. Captain Sparkles

    You are all eejits. This is the new CIA fish gun, a gun that is a fish that shoots fish. Brilliant isnt it? Just wait till you see next years Bear gun

  13. MatthewCobb

    I’m very happy about all you folks coming over here and commenting on this photo. I’m just intrigued – where did you see a link to this?

    Matthew (aka Z-letter)

  14. radiumsoup

    fark thread #4965662

  15. flaubert


  16. Matthew Cobb

    Welcome to you all – now go and see this NOT PHOTOSHOPPED fish pic on the front page of the Z-letter!

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  18. I have absolutely nothing worthwhile to add to the commentary so obviously I shall post here.

  19. Kams

    Wow. So this is why fish have teeth? I think the commenter way at the top is right. Where’s the lime?

  20. niseiguy

    Ignorant gaijin! It’s obviously the sushi version of turducken

  21. I heard that the smaller fish shoots bee’s out of its mouth.

  22. Mary

    God I love farkers. I’m totally torn between the Bear Gun and the half twist of lime. I’m gunna have to go with both.

  23. Notagod

    Picture of the mirror or it didn’t happen, cause isn’t there an image of an even smaller fish within the mouth of the little fish? 😉

  24. sprky777

    I’ve got to vote for Pike Dax. golden.

  25. I cn tel itz fotochopt cuz of da pixls. I agre wit guynoir.

  26. Jon

    Yo, dawg. I heard you like fish, so we put a fish in your fish so you could fish while you fish!

  27. eviltwin

    Yo dawg, I herd you liek fish…..

  28. hammer

    my oscar (12inch long) used to suck the little fish in and out a few times, just playing with them i think, before crunching them up. i saw this view many times.

  29. Skadoosh

    so i herd u liek mudkipz?

  30. Tach

    I can’t believe the incredible ignorance of random people, lol. Does no one know anything about fish? Many species harbor their fry (offspring) in their mouth. The big fish is the mother of the small fish, and it’s protecting it, not eating it.

    God I hope the stupidity on display here is just some kind of internet gag that I missed, lol.

  31. qball

    keep it clean, Hammer…

  32. Locky

    Little late here but just came across this pic through Google and can’t believe the stupidity in these comments and feel compelled to set the record straight since I seem to know more about fish than every other commenter here.Yes some fish keep their young in their mouth but pike do not, and assuming this is what’s happening in this picture is just as stupid as assuming it’s being eaten. Whilst pike do eat trout, they dont eat other fish tail-first and always swallow head first as the first commenter pointed out. If they didn’t the fins would catch in their throats and they would choke. They may manouevre the fish around in their mouth before eating it like hammer’s oscar, but this is always to turn them headfirst so they’re easy to swallow. Having caught too many pike to count I can assure you they always eat fish headfirst. I don’t believe this photo is real for a second.

  33. e

    I’m a tad late here and I am not any kind of Pike expert, but I have seen fish do this before First hand experience!

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