Help! I’ve forgotten what this is!



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9 responses to “NAME THAT ANIMAL!

  1. NewEnglandBob

    How about “Myron”. He looks like a “Myron”.

    Oh, you meant species. Some kind of Hare? family: Leporidae, genus: Lepus.

  2. Tom Ellis

    My first thought was a pika, but I suspect the ears aren’t big enough.

    A juvenile snowshoe hare (Lepus americanus)?

  3. I would go for some species of Pika.

  4. I agree with Hal. Brachylagus.

  5. MatthewCobb

    Hal 9000 gets it right, as usual. It is indeed a pygmy rabbit from North America. Researchers writing in the Journal of Applied Ecology have recently used a Bayesian model to try and work out their distribution and abundance:

  6. steve

    I’m not an expert but I’d have guessed either “Flopsie”,”Mopsie”, or “Cottontail. Guess I was wrong.

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