What is this insect, what order does it belong to, and what does it use that snout thing for?



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3 responses to “NAME THAT ANIMAL!

  1. Ben Saer

    That’s defo an elephant faced snoobersnap. It uses its snout to hunt for airbourne truffles

  2. It’s a lantern bug, Pyrops probably Pyrops candelarius, and it’s a “Homopteran” though I gather that order is regarded as paraphyletic now and has been sunk into Hemiptera. Supposedly that rostrum plays a role in feeding–piercing tree bark to get at the sap inside–though it looks rather dull in this photo. Beautiful insect.

    • MatthewCobb

      That’s right, Neil. It is indeed a lantern bug (or lantern fly), related to the cicadas (look at the wings).

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