Not quite as simple as it might seem. Yes, that’s a cow. But what is it doing and why? NO GOOGLING!  And no it hasn’t been photoshopped.



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9 responses to “NAME THAT ANIMAL!

  1. This cow is eating a rabbit. I have no idea why, though.

  2. James

    It is a cow, it is eating a rabbit because it is hungry. The bigger question is how did notoriously placid cow catch rabbit. My guess is that it is post myxomatosis (sp?) outbreak when rabbits all died in a hurry.

  3. Ben Saer

    I’m guessing the cow is gaining beneficial vitamins and minerals (calcium) from dead animals. Much in the same way deer lick rocks for minerals absent in their vegetive diets. How the cow came across a “dead” rabbit I don’t know. Although I agree with James idea or simply, cows hunt rabbits yummy!!!

  4. NewEnglandBob

    I think the cow found the dead rabbit and it trying to clean up its area by moving it elsewhere.

  5. Richard

    Clearly this cow is giving birth to a rabbit via its mouth. This is unusual as most cows give birth to rabbits by the normal route 😉

  6. jim fitzpatrick

    The cow is just a diversion. It is an intermediate host for the parasitic rabbit Cuniculus bovirumenicus which takes up residence in the cow’s reticulum making forays into the host’s rmen to feed. When full-grown it exits via the host’s mouth. Adults mate on the ground and small green-brown pellet-like eggs are deposited in grassy areas which are ingested by cattle and the process starts again. Infected cows show many of the symptoms of husk. Like many parasites it alters its host’s behaviour.

  7. CW

    This cow evolved a tongue that looks like a rabbit?

  8. Tom Ellis

    Rabbits often eat their own faeces to regain the bacteria in it that breaks down the cellulose in their diet. Maybe the cow is trying to regain some from the rabbit? Like a massive rabbit-bum popsicle?

  9. MatthewCobb

    Of course, we don’t actually *know* why the cow was apparently eating the rabbit. My guess is that a) the rabbit was already dead and b) the cow is deficient in various minerals, and poor old bunny was the easiest available source of them. However, any (almost) of the above suggestions could be right…

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