What is the name of this mammal, in what part of the world does it live, and what is the name of the tree it burrows under?



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6 responses to “NAME THAT ANIMAL

  1. Chris_innit

    Kangaroo rat, found in North America, Canada and Mexico. Not sure about the tree it burrows under.

  2. NewEnglandBob

    I have no clue, so I add this comment to be notified when it is answered.

  3. Karen

    mesquite tree, it seems

  4. Notagod

    My guess was Kangaroo rat too. Since I don’t know, I would have guessed that it lived upside down like all the other kangaroos. No guess for tree.

    Very cute though!

  5. Matthew Cobb

    Well done everyone. This particular variant is the Texas Kangaroo Rat, but it does indeed burrow under the mesquite tree, or so says Ms Google. Now why does it have such a close relationship with this tree? I have no idea.

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