In best cryptozoological tradition, it’s kind of blurry and far away… The human in the picture is called Nicole Duplaix, and the photo’s from her website, so using Google would be a dead easy way of IDing the beast, but that is called CHEATING. So straight answers please, no peeking.



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5 responses to “NAME THAT ANIMAL!

  1. endrekovacs

    Looks like a giant otter.

  2. Sam

    Yeah, I was going to say giant otter.

    Wasn’t there a recent programme (Natural World, maybe?) that featured the woman in the photo with her subjects?

  3. Yeah I was gonna say that too. I saw one from a distance in Ecuador, and also have a grainy out of focus picture somewhere!

  4. Puijila. That, or Pteronura.

  5. Matthew Cobb

    Well done – it’s a giant otter, Pteronura brasiliensis, which from nose to tail can grow to nearly 2m in length. They now have a pair at Chester Zoo (in the old sea lion enclosure) and they are truly enormous. Learn more about them here:

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