Go as far into the taxonomic detail of this thing as you can!



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13 responses to “NAME THAT ANIMAL!

  1. James

    I’m about 99% sure it’s a Dipteran puparium. I’ll make a guess based on propensity and the eyes to say Drosophila melanogaster.

  2. Matthew Cobb

    Not saying!

  3. Tim

    from the seam at the bottom I’d wager a bivalve, so Mollusca: Bivalvia. No idea what subclass though.

  4. Ben Saer

    Is it in the Phylum Arthropoda?

    • Matthew Cobb

      The is the same question as that posed by James, but given this animal is obviously proving tricky, I’ll answer it. Yes, it’s an arthropod.

  5. Alex

    Parasitized wasp?

  6. James

    Beetle pupa?

  7. Ben Saer

    Is it a warty leaf beetle pupa (Neochlamisus sp) or a close relative?

  8. MatthewCobb

    It’s a beetle – Fulcidax bacca, a rather lumpy chrysomelid. More on chrysomelids here:

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