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7 responses to “NAME THAT ANIMAL!

  1. Darwin

    To my knowledge the lantern shark’s glow is controlled by hormones that “switch on” light-emitting cells in its skin. If fact a study led by Julien Claes from the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium revealed that the unique light control probably evolved when the sharks colonised deeper, darker waters. Ben Saer is proof that evolution doesn’t really exist.

  2. Kate

    Is it a lantern shark?

  3. Robert Myler

    It’s a shark, deep sea and glowing. I’d hazard at a latern shark.

  4. Matthew Cobb

    Yes, Robert and Kate win the non-existent prize. It is a lantern shark bioluminescing. Darwin doesn’t win anything, because s/he copied and pasted from the credit to the photo…

    But why do they bioluminesce?

  5. Chris Lindberg

    I read that the bioluminescence is connected to the hormone melatonin. So, I’m guessing it has to do with the darkness of deeper water.

  6. Genn Stephen

    Purely because they can and to make us go: “Ooohh!” 😉

  7. Notagod

    Either food or sex?

    The prey might be attracted to the light but would be under evolutionary pressure to select against the light attraction but the prey might still have reason to be attracted to light maybe due to sex or food.

    However, I will guess that the sharks use the bioluminescence to attract mates.

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