Welcome back! A bit of a cheat this week…

Answer and accreditation to follow. Post your answers!



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4 responses to “NAME THAT ANIMAL!

  1. Exotic Whelk? Tropical Whelk?

  2. James

    Welcome back! I think I can get this to order Nudibranch.

  3. Polycarpa aurata! Or, did you mean the mollusc? I actually thought it was Hypselodoris until I stumbled across the original image I’ll leave it for others since I cheated.

  4. Matthew Cobb

    Yes, correct Neil, there are two animals here.

    The beautiful purple thing is a sea squirt, Polycarpa aurata. But sitting on top of it is a nudibranch, Polycarpa aurata, laying its eggs (the spiral orange squiggle).

    The photo is from Wikipedia:

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