This week’s animal is really a test of whether you paying attention. Post your answers in the comments box below. ID and attribution to follow.



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6 responses to “NAME THAT ANIMAL!

  1. I haven’t been paying attention, but I’m pretty sure that’s a Saiga antelope. Ha! I beat the system!

    (though I had to google ‘Siberian antelope’ to find the right name)

  2. Adam M.

    Lepus temperamentalus!

  3. Suzie

    Saiga antelope, S. tatarica. They were doing great until the fall of the Soviet Union!

  4. Sam

    Saiga antelope?

    Not sure why we should be paying attention. Is it a trick question?

  5. Matthew Cobb

    Yes, it is indeed a Saiga (and not, sadly, a Jackalope, Adam). The Saiga was mentioned in *last week’s* Z-letter…

  6. Steph

    I’m massively out of date but if current students are interested the course coordinator of the MSc Con Sci at Imperial is the chair of the Saiga Conservation Alliance and there tends to be at least one student a year who does a project on saigas. There’s huge problems with poaching and illegal trade of the horns, which are hollow and therefore obviously make very fetching lamps.

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