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October 2007

Some great pictures from this couple, who rode their bikes across the world over a 2-year stretch.

Get your 3-D glasses out for these pictures.

Edinburgh University Natural History collections on line! Surf your way through the whole of their collections, including some very useful phylogenies and accounts of animal anatomy and evolution.


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October 2007

Otters have been sighted in the middle of Edinburgh. No news on them romping about in the Medlock as yet, but you never know. (The Medlock is the river at the lowest point of Oxford Road, near the BBC. The University is technically in Chorlton-on-Medlock, which in 1843 Friedrich Engels described as being one of the vilest places on the planet…)

Salmon have returned to the Mersey, and soon the name of Parr’s Wood may again be appropriate. (“Parr” is an old English term for salmon fry. Parr’s Wood is a rather unprepossessing part of South Manchester, near the Mersey. Apologies to anyone who lives there and loves the place)

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