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May 2007

Remember all that stuff about Hox genes in the first year? Well it IS important! A study from Chicago shows that a primitive fish, Polyodon, shows expression of Hox and Sonic hedegog (one of my favourite gene names) in a pattern similar to that seen in tetrapods. The authors interpret this in terms of the gradual evolution of legs, over a 20 million year timescale.

Nature article (subscription needed to get past abstract), BBC article, an article by me about gene names.


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April 2007

The paperback edition of my book about the 17th century discovery of “the secrets of sex, life and growth” is out (£7.99). It’s called The Egg and Sperm Race and you can get it at Blackwell’s or from Amazon. It’s also in the library…

I have a review in the current issue of the Times Literary Supplement of three books about the evolution of morality, in particular about how (and if) apes show moral behaviour.

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